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The Be Wellness Center of New York

What is the Be Well Center of New York  


The Be Well Center of New York,  is a multidisciplinary center committed to providing high quality services for those with physical disabilities. This unique center empowers people with physical disabilities to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. Our center is completely wheelchair accessible and includes all accessible equipment. The Be Well Center of New York,  offers programs, activities, and classes specifically designed for people with physical disabilities and offers the chance to take charge of your health and wellness.


Who Can Qualify? Adults 18 years or older who need help with activities of daily living and are Medicaid-eligible


What About Costs? Services are covered by Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plans


Spinal Mobility - An innovative exercise that allows you to exercise with accessible equipment in an environment of your peers. Each participant gets an individual exercise plan and receives personal assistance during their workout.


ADA Accessible Computing Lab - Need an accessible computer area? We have it here! A technology lab with assistive technology will give you the opportunity to efficiently use the computer and perfect your skills.


Advocacy Desk - Have questions about services, insurance, benefits, employment and more? We are here to help! Ask one of our advocacy specialists who will work with you.


Wheelchair Pit Stop - Come by to get your wheelchair cleaned and cared for. Get minor adjustments done to your wheelchair while you enjoy our other programs.


Wheelchair Yoga/Aerobics - Those with all abilities can participate in our yoga and aerobics classes. 

The Be Wellness Center of New York  is a Targeted Case Management Program offering care coordination and resources for adults with a chronic disability throughout New York City, and the surrounding boroughs

The goal of the program is to make sure its members get the care and services needed.


This may mean fewer trips to the emergency room or, less time spent in the hospital. It could mean getting regular care and services from doctors and providers. Or, finding a safe place to live, and a way to get to medical appointments, and to learn Empowerment to live live on your own terms, and care for yourself.

Once you are enrolled in a the program, you will have your own care and case manager. The care and case  manager will work with you to set up a care plan and appointments and get the services you need to put you on the road to better health, better understanding, and on the road to independence.





  • Health care provider refferal

  • Mental health and substance abuse referral

  • Medication refferal

  • Housing referral

  • Social services (such as food, benefits, and locating transportation) or,

  • other community programs that will support and assist you.

  • Door to door transportation

  • Snacks

  • Holiday and Birthday Celebrations

  • Supervision and Monitoring

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Family Counseling and Support

  • Daily Entertainment (Musicians, Comedians, Magicians, Bands, Talent/Fashion Shows, Makeup Artists, Karaoke, Exercises...etc.)

  • Licensed Beautician

  • Computer Classes

  • Mental Simulation Games (Bingo, Price if Right, Balloon Pop...etc.)

  • Weekly Trips ( Bingo, Movies, Parks, TV Shows, Sporting Events, Restaurants, Casino...etc.)

  • Social Worker

  • Cooking Class

  • Life Skills

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Music

  • The Me2Program

  • The me too program strives to give independence by helping with budgeting skills, banking education, budgets, learning how to pay bills and become independent form the need for a payee so the client can gain both financial and emotional stability and independence to live on their own.

  • Daytripping (Field Trip Program)

  • Family Travel Services

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