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The Shteynberg-Lerner PAC


The Shteynberg-Lerner Political Action Committee, represents the SADC, OPWDD, Disability,  and newly released incarcerated individuals population. The Shteynberg-Lerner PAC operates in full compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA).

The Shteynberg-Lerner PAC's sole purpose is to help elect pro Senior, Disabled and formerly incarcerated individuals decision makers to federal and state office. The Shteynberg-Lerner PAC is funded by the executive and owning  members and retain their own in house lobbyist, who lobbies with city, state and federal officials to bring about change for the affected classes.

The Shteynberg-Lerner PAC,  calls on all Americans to learn about and engage on the issues and policies affecting our country’s seniors, disabled and formerly incarcerated individuals and families.  We all have a vested interest in ensuring we have policies that allow them and their families to achieve their dreams. 

What We Stand For

 The Shteynberg-Lerner PAC advocates for pro-growth policies and opportunities that support America’s seniors, disabled, formerly incarcerated and their families ensuring opportunity, equal treatment and brighter futures for all.

Our Policy Priorities

America’s seniors, disabled and formerly incarcerated individuals well-being across the communities they live—supporting the diverse needs of individuals and promoting and encouraging them with a range of services. To help ensure a community that is both inclusive and innovative, now and in the future, fighting for those whose voices often go unheard. Fighting the good fight..

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