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The Fifth Avenue Adult Social Day Center , is located in East Harlem, New York.


 It is an 8000 square foot space, that encompasses a fully functional beauty salon, a gym with a trainer, laundry room for the facility as well as for instructional life skills classes. 

In addition it has a separate room for private physical therapy, we also  have a bowling lane, full kitchen, party room and much more. We are within a 5 block walk to the 6 train, and have 2 vans for door to door transportation.

The Fifth Avenue Adult Social Day Center is a NYS registered corporation, as is the 501 (3) (c). 

Director of The Be Well Center of New York and The Travel Center

Theresa Marcus

Ms. Marcus is a native of NYC, and has been a leader in hair care products as well as wig creation. Having trained abroad in London, Theresa has run a local beauty company, and has been a pioneer in hair replacement and theatrical wigs for theatre.

In addition to her savvy as a business woman, Theresa developed the concept for The Be Well Center of New York and The Travel With a Disability Program. Theresa runs the day to day operations of The Be Well Center of New York and has a masters degree in social work, and oversees all case management and the programming implementation at BE WELL.

Theresa is a crusader for LGBTQ rights and those afflicted with HIV/AIDS. Theresa supports her community in various ways, from fundraising for her various causes to volunteering and lending a hand to those in need.

Lobbiest/ Director of The Central Park Independant Living Centers 

Michael Rothschild

Mr. Rothschild is a man of many hats, having run and owned construction companies, film and television production companies, property management and real estate firms, investment firms, in addition to a vacation property portfolio.


Mr. Rothschild was also a fixer on the Washington, DC scene for many years, and has a vast experience in IT, and social media growth, public relations, in addition to having over 20 years experience in producing events, and brand management and brand roll outs, handling the 2004 Peroni roll out down south for Miller.  After their acquisition of the company.  


Mr. Rothschild has been very active in the development of charitable toy and food drives, in addition to fundraising and hosting events, his passions are equal rights for all, social justice, persons with disabilities, any cause relating to HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ rights and is passionate about the rights of survivors of domestic violence. 

Mr. Rothschild is the director of the non profit started by the owners of 5th Avenue SADC, and is the lobbyist for 5th Ave SADC. He is also in charge of launching the veterans initiative, the helping hand immigrant program and the  reentry fresh start programs social justice reform agenda.

Mr. Rothschild, is a resident of New York City.

5th Avenue SADC 

1325 5th Avenue

New York, New York 10026


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