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The Central Park Independant Living Centers


The Central Park Independent Living Centers is a 501 (c) (3) started by the Shteynberg family, to give back to the community they do business in. The Non profit funds various programs, for the clients, of 5th Ave SADC, including but not limited to Arts and Crafts, Life Skills, Job Training, and our new IT, Computer Literacy Program, and Jobs Center.

Helping Hands The Immigrant Project

Now more than ever with the state of affairs in Ukraine and the EU, people migrating to the United States from Europe, need all of the help they can get. 

Through a special fund and the lobby efforts of our director of CPILC,  we have created a special program that assists those with a special skill set, that an average American can not perform. 


Through full sponsorship, we plan their  trip to the states through our travel agency,  and help with the entire process, from obtaining a visa, through location of an apartment, and employment, and personal counseling every step of the way, to ensure their success.


We have created this program in a effort to help the brightest stars of our world as a whole, to have a chance at a shining future, the same way we as Americans are gifted with every day.


For More information please email

The Veterans Initiative  

With the belief in mind, that anyone who serves in the military, or armed forces of the United States of America, to defend our great nation, he or she,  should be afforded the best of everything.

We have created the Veterans Fund, which is used to help any veteran whose insurance does not cover treatment at our center.


In addition any veteran participant of 5th Avenue SADC, who has wheel chair issues, or needs a new wheel chair, or financial assistance with rent, clothing, or any other related general living expenses, 5Ave SADC is here to help. 


For additional information please email

The Reentry Project

The Reentry Project is geared towards the every day challenges, people face when reentering society from incarceration. 


In keeping with the non profits mission statement, we have a fund to assist those needing treatment, whose insurance does not cover Long Term Managed Care. We also assist with rent and housing expenses and clothing in addition to medical expenses incurred during the releases waiting period for insurance coverage.

We do not stop there.


In keeping with the huge social justice reform sweeping our great nation, we advocate for alternatives

to incarceration and for changes in laws affecting the releases, with lobbying for the following but not limited to mental health reform, concerning the treatment of long term managed care individuals, and for the physically disabled , and seniors . Now more than ever change is needed.


 We at 5 AVE SADC are here and have joined the fight.


For more information, please email

The non profit also coordinates and undertakes the following projects in the Central Harlem area and in partnership with the 5th Avenue Adult Social Day Center;

Holiday, toy and food drives.

Family day's

Social outings

Clothing for the less fortunate

Community integration

Community Events 

Fundraising for social programs and education

An emergency fund for any one with a qualifying disability

Scholarship's for the disabled 

Housing for the disabled 

Funding for wheelchairs and transportation for the disabled

Special programming for the disabled 

Transitional Living for the disabled

Transportation for people with no insurance

Disabled individuals with no insurance programming fund

Food for the disabled fund

Weekly walk in substance abuse group

Domestic violence support for the disabled emergency fund

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